Art Program - Secondary

Art at RRCA aims to encourage the creative processes of visual artists. The strength of our curriculum lies in an intentional blend of teaching the art elements and the principles of design with a goal of fostering life-long skills of problem-solving translatable to many areas of life. Research supports the idea that artists who are able to navigate beyond the obstacles of resistance and hesitancy to successful execution continue on a path of lifelong artistic endeavors. An art teacher/mentor plays a vital role in equipping young artists with the skills that grow confidence in their craft. RRCA’s art program provides foundational technique in drawing, color theory and exposure to a variety of mediums as well as more advanced methods in painting, pastels, charcoal, and fiber arts. Our art club has a program called, ArtReach, which seeks out opportunities to share our talents and skills with those who may not have access to visual art activities. Art students at RRCA are given opportunities to participate in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE), Scholastic Art Competitions, and Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) Art District and State Competitions. Please see for more information.

VASE 2017

RRCA had four of our secondary art students place at the TAEA Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). All four received a Superior rating and a medal: Eunjin Lee (2 pieces), Jenna Kim, and Sophie Drinnan.

Eunjin's drawing of Brandon Wolff's eye is moving up to the VASE State Competition in San Antonio. She will be competing with other art students from Texas public and private schools!


ACSI Art Festival, April 2016

The following secondary students were awarded ribbons and rosettes for the following:
Name Grade Ribbon
Brooke Abramson 7 Superior
Ian DeVries 7 Superior
Julie Littlejohn 7 Superior
Noel Deniz 8 Excellent
Sarah Riley 8 Superior
Minhoo Shim 9 Excellent
Eunjin Lee 1 10 Excellent
Eunjin Lee 2 10 Superior
NeNe Nguyen 10 Excellent
Kimoo Yeom 10 Excellent
Matthew Withey 11 Excellent
Calvin Maeng 12 Excellent
The following students won overall first or second place in their division:
Brooke Abramson             First Place  
Sarah Riley                       First Place  
Julie Littlejohn                   First Place  
Eunjin Lee                         First Place  
Ian DeVries                       Second Place  


ACSI Art Competition - April 9, 2015

Gold medals:
Charles Moody for black and white drawing
Ailani Zapatero for digital photography
Kristen Shires for mixed media
Abigail Kennedy for pottery

Silver medals:
Eunjin Lee for black and white drawing
Kristen Shires for color drawing
Ryan Vollrath for photography
Emily Fenwick for painting

Bronze medal:
Mackenzie Shelton for digital photography

 VASE 2015

On Saturday February 21, RRCA students competed in the VASE art competion at Cedar Ridge High School with 1500+ other area public and private high school students from Georgetown, Hutto, Cedar Park, Leander, Lake Travis, Round Rock and Eanes school districts. Students received the following recognition:

Excellent Rating:
Abigail Kennedy for "Wild Life"
Blake Taylor for "Ingrained"
Kaylee McMillian for "Out of the Waves"

Superior Rating:
Bekah Fadler for "The South"
Bekah Fadler for "The Awakening"
Eunjin Lee for "Masul"
Eunjin Lee for "Roses"
Abigail Kennedy for "Samantha"
Shelbi Severson for "From the Hand"
Hannah Waters for "Sheridan"
Hannah Waters for "Azaela"
Kristen Shires for "The Letter"
Chase Moody for "Of the Sea"
David Withey for "Pink Flowers"
Mackenzie Shelton for "Classic"
Mackenzie Shelton for "Classic Reflection"
Nate Wellauer for "Dust Dancers"
Ryan Vollrath for "Pug"
Ryan Vollrath for "Weathered"
Ailani Zapatero for "Father and Friend"

Out of the 1500+ students competing only 109 advance to the VASE state art meet in Dallas. Three RRCA students' pieces will advance:  Eunjin Lee's "Roses", Ryan Vollrath's "Pug", and Shelbi Severson "From the Hand".

Congratulations Crusader Artists!


October, 2014

KC Shires competed in the Waco Heart of Texas Rodeo youth art competition in October, 2014 and won a first place ribbon in the inspirational category and a best in show ribbon in the landscape category.  In addition, she placed third for her Locks of Brooklyn Bridge and an honorable mention for her acrylic painting.  Congratulations KC!

National Art Honor Society

In November 2013, RRCA chartered its first National Art Honor Society with 14 members.  A responsibility of being a member of this organization is serving our community.  This school year this group of talented students are volunteering at Texas Baptist Children's Home on a monthly basis.  They are helping a group of single moms by babysitting their children while they are at work or allowing them a chance to run errands without having to take their children.  It has been a very fun and fulfilling experience for the students, as they are able to put smiles on many faces.


Texas Youth Western Art Show

Abigail Kennedy’s color photography “Ashley” received the grand champion custom belt buckle and 1st place ribbon in the Texas Western Youth Art Competition hosted by Rodeo Austin and her work sold for $2500 at auction (the highest amount in her category).

Rebecca Wolff’s acrylic painting “Texas On Fire” received a 19th  place ribbon in the Texas Western Youth Art Competition hosted by Rodeo Austin. Her work sold for third highest amount in the traditional category of $1900.

Saturday, February 22 - VASE Art Competition

Superior Rating Excellent Rating
Paulina Castorena's Painting Shelbi Severson's Painting
Paulina Castorena's Photography Kendall Sheppard's Photography
Abigail Kennedy's Photography Rebecca Wolff's Photography
Kendall Sheppard's Photography Rebecca Wolff's Painting
Mackenzie Shelton's Photography Mackenzie Shelton's Photography
Ailani Zapatero's Drawing  

Ailani Zapatero's Drawing will advance tothe VASE State event on April 3 - 4 in Bryan, Texas.

Thursday, February 20 - TAPPS Art Competition

RRCA Art Students competed at the TAPPS District 3A-3 Art Competition.  They came in 2nd overall.  Congratulations to the following students:

Name Place / Art Type
Ailani Zapatero 1st* - Drawing Father and Friend
Paulina Castorena 4th* - Drawing Pet Tiger
Shelbi Severson 1st* - Hand / Oil Pastel Drawing
Charles Moody 2nd* - Stoic / Prismacolor Pencils Drawing
Paulina Castorena 4th* - Barcelona / Oil Pastel Drawing
Emily Fenwick 5th - Southern Self / Prismacolor Pencils Drawing
Hannah Fadler 2nd* - Jog-A-Thon T-Shirt Design / Graphic Design
Abigail Kennedy 3rd* - Captivating / Graphic Design
Caleb Cook 5th - Ski Breckenridge / Graphic Design
Paulina Castorena 6th - Jog-A-Thon T-Shirt Design / Graphic Design
Ailani Zapatero 1st* - Donkeys / Computer Rendered Art
Rebecca Wolff 4th* - Parents in Love / Computer Rendered Art
Rebecca Wolff 6th - Flamingo / Computer Rendered Art
Abigail Kennedy 1st* - Wind Whispers / Applied Design
Shelbi Severson 2nd* - Happily Married / Oil Painting
Heather Manning Honorable Mention - Over the Wing / Watercolor Painting
Abigail Kennedy 6th - Volleyball Practice / 2D Mixed Media
Abigail Kennedy 4th* - Medley / Printmaking
Rebecca Wolff 2nd* - Woven / Digital Creative & Experimental Photography
Abigail Kennedy 4th* - Splashed / Creative & Experimental Photography
Ryan Vollrath 1st* - Pug / Black & White Photography
Paulina Castorena 3rd* - Journeys / Black & White Photography
Rebecca Wolff 5th - Violinist / Black & White Photography
Rebecca Wolff 2nd* - Girl and A Goat / Color Photography
Nate Wellauer 4th* - Leaves on the Water / Color Photography
Abigail Kennedy 6th - Winding / Color Photography
Mackenzie Shelton 1st* - Mazie's Dress / Fashion
Sophia Ivy 3rd* - Pretty In Pink / Fashion
Heather Manning 5th - Heather's Hat / Fashion
Rebecca Wolff 2nd* - Cup of Soup / Pottery
Paulina Castorena 3rd* - Senior Portfolio
Rebecca Wolff 6th - Senior Portfolio
Emily Fenwick 3rd* - Onsite Drawing
Heather Manning 6th - Onsite Drawing
Rebecca Wolff Honorable Mention - Onsite Drawing
Christian Orred 1st* - Art History

*A 1st through 4th place qualifies student work to advance to the State Competition on April 7 - 8.

The following students received awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing Regional Awards competing against students from Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas where only 10% of entries receive awards.  Dating back to 1923 The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is the longest –running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens.  Noteworthy past winners include Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Stephen King,  Robert Redford and many more.  Gold Key recipients’ work will go on to be judged at the National Level in NYC.  Congratulate the following students:

Abigail Kennedy received an Honorable Mention for her Photography

Paulina Castorena received an Honorable Mention for her Drawing

Victoria Redding received an Honorable Mention for her Drawing

Victoria Redding received a Silver Key for her Photography

Ailani Zapatero received a Silver Key for her Drawing

Shelbi Severson received a Gold Key for her Painting