Backpack Coalition - Local Missions

Backpack Coalition - Serving our Neighbors in Need

For the sixth year in a row, RRCA faculty and students are excited to once again support our young neighbors in need with our school-wide Backpack Coalition project.  This is a local program that identifies local elementary students in great need of food resources over the weekend.  For the last five years we have partnered with Robertson Elementary school and provided a “backpack kit” of food for 70 young students to take home each Friday.  The students and school were very appreciative of our support, which resulted in a dramatic improvement in student attendance as well as academic successes for their students. 

During the school year, we will be having food drives at various times with specific food items needed to support this ministry.  If you would prefer to donate funds to support our Backpack Coalition efforts instead of sending in food, checks can be made payable to RRCA with Backpack Coalition written on the memo line.  Here are the approximate costs: 

The normal food items that can be donated are the following:

individual juice bags or boxes
individual popcorn bags
peanut butter or cheese crackers
granola bars
single serving macaroni and cheese sleeves (less bulky and less expensive than cups)
individual size raisin boxes
individual applesauce or fruit cups
fruit snacks

Thanks so much for helping us support our neighbors in need in Round Rock!

RRCA receives a monetary credit from the Backpack Coalition for all donated food items towards our overall funds needed for the year to support this program.  The credit is issued at the price for store brand (generic) foods, so feel free to purchase bargain brands in bulk at Sam's or Walmart.  Quantities suggested above are guidelines.  The total cost is approximately $13,000 in food or monetary donations to support this program for the entire school year.