The RRCA High School Speech and Debate Team was formed in 2008-2009 to provide a venue for students to compete in forensics competitions. The speech and debate tournament events that students compete in include speaking, reading, acting, and debate. RRCA competes in public and private school invitational tournaments from September onward in preparation for district and state competition for TAPPS and the NFL. RRCA has active membership in the National Forensic League, the speech and debate honor society for public and private schools. In the fall of 2010, our school was designated with Chapter status by the organization, the highest of four rankings a school can obtain.

The Speech and Debate Team is coached by Cathleen Ferose.


2017-2018 Highlights

Trinity Classic, November 4, 2017

Congratulations to the Crusader Speech and Debate team on their Sweepstakes win.

Solo Acting:  3rd place - Morgan Whitley

Duet Acting:  3rd place - team of Morgan Whitley/Christian Gonzales, 2nd place - team of Alex Chaiken/Danny Tomlin

Prose:  6th place - Sophia Fernandez

Poetry:  5th place - Morgan Whitley, 4th place - Christian Gonzales, 2nd place - Alex Chaiken, 1st place - Caitlin Lee

Bible Reading:  5th place - Christian Gonzales, 4th place - Grace Wu

Duo Improv:  4th place - team of Christian Gonzales/Matthew Tweden, 1st place - team of Morgan Whitley/Caleb Roark

Soapbox Speaking:  5th place - Morgan Whitley, 3rd place - Christian Gonzales

Impromptu Speaking:  3rd place - Matthew Tweden, 2nd place - Morgan Whitley

Extemporaneous Speaking:  5th place - Christian Gonzales, 3rd place - Perry Williams, 1st place - Matthew Tweden

Oratory:  2nd place - Matthew Tweden

Congressional Debate:  4th place - Matthew Tweden

Lincoln Douglas Debate:  1st place - Matthew Tweden

Top Speaker:  Matthew Tweden

Best All Around competitor:  Matthew Tweden



Journey Tournament, September 23, 2017

Crusaders won Team Sweepstakes!

Lincoln Douglas Debate:   4th place - Rebecca Rasmussen, 3rd place - Jenna Kim,

1st place and Top Speaker: Matthew Tweden

Public Forum Debate:  1st place - team of Anna Jacks and Christian Gonzales

Congressional Debate:  3rd place - Matthew Tweden

Informative Extemp:  5th place - Jenna Kim, 3rd place - Rebecca Rasmussen

Persuasive Extemp:  6th place - Perry Williams, 2nd place - Christian Gonzales, 1st place - Matthew Tweden

Oratory:  3rd place - Perry Williams

Dramatic Interpretation:  3rd place - Hannah Feldman, 2nd place - Caitlin Lee, 1st place - Morgan Whitley

Humorous Interpretation:  6th place - Anna Jacks, 4th place - Caleb Roark, 3rd place - Christian Gonzales, 1st place - Danny Tomlin

Poetry:  6th place - Alex Chaiken, 5th place - Hannah Feldman, 3rd place - Kenzie Jones, 2nd place - Anna Jacks, 1st place - Sophia Berg

Prose:  8th place - Morgan Whitley, 7th place:  Kenzie Jones, 4th place - Caitlin Lee, 3rd place - Anna Jacks, 1st place - Christian Gonzales

Program of Oral Interpretation:  3rd place - Anna Jacks, 2nd place - Morgan Whitley


Hurricane Debate Tournament, September 9, 2017

Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate:  4th place - Rebecca Rasmussen, 1st place - Matthew Tweden, Top Speaker - Rebecca Rasmussen

Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate:  5th place - Sophia Fernandez, 1st place - Perry Williams

Extemporaneous Debate:  5th place - Matthew Tweden, 4th place - Perry Williams, 3rd place - Morgan Whitley, 1st place and Top Speaker - Danny Tomlin

Impromptu Speaking: 6th place - Morgan Whitley, 4th place - Christian Gonzales, 2nd place - Danny Tomlin

Public Forum Debate:  5th place - team of Anna Jacks/Christian Gonzales, 4th place - team of Caleb Roark/Morgan Whitley, 2nd place - team of Rebecca Rasmussen/Matthew Tweden, Top Speaker - Matthew Tweden