Specials Teachers

Mary McCarty

ART - Mary McCarty

Degree: B.S., Graphic Design, Texas State University

Years in Education: 20 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2015

Church Affiliation: New Hope First Baptist Church, Cedar Park

I love teaching art to students of all ages. It excites me to see them creating beyond their imagination!

Eileen Curtis

CHOIR - Eileen Curtis

Degree: B.A., Music, Ioma Nazarene University

Years Teaching: 17 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2007

Church Affiliation: Central Baptist Church, Round Rock

I have always known that I wanted to do something involving kids and music and so being a music teacher fit the bill just perfectly. There's nothing like letting loose and belting out silly songs or songs of worship with a room full of kids! I love everything about teaching music and my favorite RRCA tradition is the Kindergarten graduation musical. I am always so proud to watch them up on stage on performance night!

Kristi Roark

CHOIR - Kristi Roark

Degree: B.A., Music Education, Lamar University
Degree: Elementary Education Certification, Stephen F. Austin State University

Years Teaching: 12 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2014

Church Affiliation: New Life Church, Austin

I love the moments when my students are performing and they make that connection with the audience that causes an explosion of musical magic. These are the moments when you see clearly what a treasure our Creator gave us in the gift of song.

Joselyn Cervantes

DISCOVERY - Joselyn Cervantes

Degree: B.S., Family/Consumer Sciences: Family & Child Development, Texas State University

Years of Teaching: 5.5 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2014

Church Affiliation: City View, Austin

My favorite subject to teach is Bible. I love the Lord and how alive and active His word is! I find great joy in bringing it to life and watching the sparkle in a child's eye when they connect with it!

DISCOVERY - Melinda Smith

Degree: B.S., Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Reading, Texas Christian Unversity
Degree: Masters, Education, Early Childhood, South West Texas State

Years Teaching: 28 years
Year Joined RRCA: 1999

Church Affiliation: First Baptist Church, Round Rock

I love teaching because it is what I have known God called me to do since I was little. I love the interaction with the children and watching the excitement in their eyes as they learn and master new concepts. It is different every day and full of challenges as I find ways to present material in new ways or to reach the child that does not understand.

Abigail Counts

DRAMA - Abigail Counts

Concordia University: Music, Concordia University

Year Joined RRCA: 2019

Church Affiliation: Church of Glad Tidings, Austin

I love theatre because, in addition to being so much fun, it is incredibly practical.  There are situations in our daily lives where the ability to act or improvise might be the key to success.  Having these skills allows students to feel more confident in new situations, and I am so exited to see my students flourish this year!

Peggy Franklin


Years in Education: 12 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2007

Church Affiliation: First Baptist Church, Georgetown

My favorite tradition at RRCA is graduation. It is such a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. Seeing all the parents pray with their graduates and give them a spiritual blessing is so unique and represents so well the heart of our school.

Jennifer Mayo

LIBRARY - Jennifer Mayo

Degree: Elementary Ed., Texas A&M
Degree: Master of Information Studies, The University of Texas

Years Teaching: 10 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2012

Church Affiliation: First Baptist Church, Georgetown

My favorite subject to teach is reading. I love to see children put sounds together to form words and turn words into sentences. Solving the puzzle of reading is so empowering for students and allows them to learn anything.

Rene Schweter

NEEDLE ART - Rene Schweter

Degree: Art, Austin Community College
Degree: Home Economics, University of Tennessee

Years Teaching: 27 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2005

Church Affiliation: The Fellowship, Round Rock

I love to teach art. It is so satisfying to have a child come to art saying, “I don’t know how to draw” and watch them gain confidence and realize “I can draw.” I love watching the creativity unfold.

Barachel Toner


Degree: B.S., Sports Medicine, University Mary Hardin Baylor

Years in Education: 15 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2004

Church Affiliation: The Fellowship, Round Rock

I love teaching Physical Education because I have the privilege of getting the kids to exercise and learn about the body and health.