Backpack Coalition - Local Missions

Backpack Coalition - Serving our Neighbors in Need

Since 2011, RRCA faculty and students have supported our young neighbors in need with the school-wide Backpack Coalition project.  This is a local program that identifies local elementary students in great need of food resources over the weekend.  For years, RRCA supported Robertson Elementary school and provided a “backpack kit” of food for 70 young students to take home each Friday.  The students and school were very appreciative of our support, which resulted in a dramatic improvement in student attendance as well as academic successes for their students.  

For the 2017-18 school year, we are continuing to partner with the Backpack Coalition by taking Bible classes over to their food pantry where over 900 food kits are sent out each Friday.

During the school year, we will be having food drives at various times with specific food items needed to support this ministry.  Thanks so much for helping us support our neighbors in need in Round Rock!