RenWeb, Chromebooks and More

Parents Web Access

  1. Click on the Login to RenWeb (blue button) at the bottom of the webpage.
  2. Click on:  Create New ParentsWeb Account
  3. Enter the District Code of RRCA-TX
  4. Enter your email and click “Create Account”
  5. RenWeb will generate a password and email it to you. 
  6. Retrieve the password. 
  7. Go back to the ParentsWeb Login again.  This time, enter your user name, password you just received, and use the “Parents” button and click Login.

Medical Form and Demographic Updates

Once you are logged on to your ParentsWeb account, you will need to go to Webforms and choose the Family Demographic Form and go through each area (Student Demographics, Medical, and Emergency Contacts) to be sure that all information is current and correct.  Be sure that you Open and Save each Webform, whether you make changes or not.

ParentAlert and Auto Gradebook Notification Options:  To adjust your auto-gradebook, ParentAlert, and Family Online Directory Preferences, log on to RenWeb, choose Family on the left menu, and then update your preferences by clicking on the edit pencil in the top right corner of the Preferences box.

Student Chromebook Use

RRCA Chromebook Use Policy

 RRCA Acceptable Use Policy

RRCA Chromebook Acceptance Form