School News

RRCA Spelling Bee Winners 2019-2020

Congratulations to our 2019 RRCA Spelling Bee winners. Students in 3rd - 8th grade will continue on to the ACSI District Spelling Bee in Marble Falls in 2020.

1st grade, Owen; C. J. Weakley

Runner up – Odi Esomeju

1st grade, Wheelis; Alexis Hood

Runner up – Sophie Siptak

2nd grade, Havens; Karson Aleman

Runner up – Lily Clark

2nd grade, Walker; Ben Bryan

Runner up - Bailee Ragain

3rd grade, Lawler; Kaden Hood

Runner up- Celia Duarte

4th grade, Beane; Bekah Kaminski

Runner up- Chris Davis

4th grade, Brennan; Samuel Watkin

Runner up- Jake Snyder

5th grade, DeFriese; Ellyn Seib

Runner up- Isaiah Blake

5th grade, Salik; Cassidy DeFriese

Runner up- Carson Kriczky

5th grade, Wolff; Saxton Cervantes

Runner up- Brooke Taylor 

6th grade, Ice; First class-Andrew Balid

Runner up- Avery Sackal 

Second class- Collin Russell

Runner up -Mya Kircher

7th grade, Englemann; First class: Katherine Randolph

Second class: Brendan Bootka

8th grade, Engelmann; First class- Kaleigh Henderson

Second class- Emily Daves

Third class- Andy Jones


TAPPS State Academic Meet, April 2-3, 2019


Congratulations to the RRCA Academic Team who won the TAPPS State Championship.

Solo Acting: Caitlin Lee - 3rd Place and Becca Gillian - 4th Place 


Original Oratory: Matthew Tweden -1st Place and Christian Gonzales - 2nd Place 


Poetry Interpretation: Sarah Benitz - 4th Place and Allie Cermak - 5th Place 


Duet Acting: Caitlin Lee and Sophia Fernandez 1st Place, Allie Cermak and Caleb Roark - 4th Place, Christian Gonzales and Becca Gillian 6th Place


Prose Interpretation:  Caleb Roark 3rd Place and Sarah Benitz 6th Place


Persuasive Speaking: Matthew Tweden 1st place, Chris Gonzales 5th place, Grant Brown 8th Place


Lincoln - Douglas Debate:  Matthew Tweden 1st Place, Grant Brown 3rd Place and Elizabeth Randolph 5th place.

Ready Writing: Matthew Tweden 2nd and Sophia Fernandez 8th


Science:  Alex Chaiken, 1st place and Robbie Wampler, 6th place


Calculator:  Alex Chaiken, 1st place


Mathematics: Douglas Chaiken, 3rd place


Social Studies: Danny Tomlin 2nd Place and Douglas Chaiken 6th Place


Current Events: Danny Tomlin 1st and Sophia Fernandez 3rd


Spelling: Alex Chaiken, 4th Place


Spanish: Paola Pena 1st Place and Jasmyn Aguado 7th Place


Excaliber Yearbook: 1st Place



PSIA District Meet, March 2, 2019


Congratulations to our 1st-8th grade students who competed at the PSIA District Meet at Holy Family on Saturday.  The following students qualified for state competition on April 27th, at TCU:  Kiera Dixon qualified in Oratory and Impromptu Speaking, Mahlet Messay qualified in Oratory and Prose, and Colin Russell qualified in Prose.

Event Grade Result Student  
Numbersense 6th 6th Brendan Bootka
Numbersense 7th 6th Landon Cervantes
Numbersense 8th 3rd Bella Rosa
Onsite Drawing 6th 5th Katie Sauls
Onsite Drawing 8th 6th Tony Cermak
Science 6th 5th Marcus Mendoza
Science 7th 5th Jayla Sumlin
Science 8th 5th Garrett Jones
Modern Oratory 7th *1st Mahlet Messay
Modern Oratory 8th *2nd Kiera Dixon
 Prose 7/8 7th *1st Mahlet Messay
Prose 7/8 8th 4th Kiera Dixon
Spelling 2nd 5th Asher Asiedu
Spelling 5th 3rd Patrick Asiedu
Vocabulary 8th 4th Siya Babbar
Mathematics 7th 6th Landon Cervantes
Mathematics 8th 5th Siya Babbar
Mathematics 8th 4th Tony Cermak
Mathematics 4th 4th Gauri Babbar
Prose 4 4th 6th Gauri Babbar
Prose 5 5th *1st Colin Russell
Listening Skills 7th 6th Mahlet Messay
Impromptu 7th 5th Noah Headley
  8th *1st Kiera Dixon

Area Math Olympics, February 15, 2019

RRCA competed in the ACSI Area Math Olympics at NW Hills Christian in San Antonio this past weekend.  We had four 1st place finalists!  Congratulations Crusaders!