Secondary Team


James Brenenstuhl

James Brenenstuhl

Degree: B.A., Sociology & Psychology, Baldwin Wallace College
Degree: Masters, Education, Kent State University
Degree: Scofield Bible Certificate, Moody Bible Institute

Years Teaching: 19 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2009

Church Affiliation: Victory Baptist Church, Cedar Park

My favorite subject to teach is science because it provides opportunities for hands-on learning. My favorite Crusader event is Friday night football games.

Lauren Byrd

Lauren Byrd

Degree: B.S., Education, Baylor University

Years Teaching: 11 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: New Hope Community Church, Round Rock

My favorite subject to teach is English. English is interesting because we get to read stories and discuss problems that we all face in life.  In English class we get to write and think creatively and I love getting to see students enjoying themselves in those areas.

Suzanne Easter

Suzanne Easter

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration/Management, Northeast Louisiana University
Degree: B.A., German Language, University of Maryland
Degree: Master of Education, Early Childhood, Southwestern Assemblies of God

Years Teaching: 17 years
Year Joined RRCA: 1999

Church Affiliation: First Baptist Church, Round Rock

Learning about God’s wonderful world and fulfilling our calling in Christ is what drives my passion for teaching.

Cathleen Ferose

Degree: B.A., English/Teaching Certification/Speech Minor, University of North Dakota

Years Teaching: 20 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2001

Church Affiliation: First United Methodist, Round Rock

I cannot think of a higher joy than helping another person be successful. I’ve worked in business and with adults, but working with teenagers is my bliss. My favorite class to teach is high school speech because helping our students develop the confidence and poise to present themselves is such a joy. I get to know the hearts of the students here at the Academy through their speeches. That has always been something I consider a great privilege.

Sara Gillian

Degree: B.A., Psychology with minor in Spanish, University of Texas

Years Teaching: 7 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: Central Baptist Church, Round Rock

I am thrilled to teach Spanish this year.  For the last several years, I have worked in a bilingual classroom, teaching young students in English and Spanish.  Since college, I have imagined myself as a Spanish teacher, where I would get to share this beautiful language with older students.  Just like my college professors inspired me, I hope the young people in my class walk away with a passion for learning the Spanish language and a better understanding and appreciation for other people and cultures around the world.

Jennifer Gribble

Degree: B.A., English, Texas State University
Degree: M.A., English, Morehead State University

Years Teaching: 22 years
Year Joined RRCA: 1995

Church Affiliation: St. Joseph’s Chapel, Salado

Teenagers are awesome. I love helping them grow as students and Christians.

Marie Holden

Degree: B.A., English, Biola University

Years Teaching: 2 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: The Fellowship, Round Rock

Working with students each and every day is the most rewarding aspect of teaching.  I love to encourage the academic and personal growth of my students and to witness their path to maturity throughout the year.

Daniel Jagoda

Degree: B.A., History, North Carolina State University
Degree: M.A., Secondary Education, Texas State University

Years Teaching: 1 year
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church, Austin

I enjoy teaching history because it helps us to know who we are as people and as a society.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

Degree: B.A., Secondary Education, Concordia Lutheran College

Years Teaching: 22 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2015

Church Affiliation: Journey Bible Fellowship, Leander

My favorite subject to teach is World History.  World History is the study of everything humans have ever thought, said and done world-wide and there is much that is exciting, fascinating and fun to teach.  Also, the study of World History allows us to learn about the nature of man, our achievements and failures as God's unique creation and the working of God's providence through history.

Keith Jones

Keith Jones

Degree: B.S., Curriculum/Instruction, Texas A&M University
Degree: M.A., Theological Studies, Liberty Baptist University

Years Teaching: 26 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Norman's Crossing

I love teaching Bible at RRCA!  I am greatly humbled to have the responsibility and privilege of teaching young people about Jesus Christ - the grandest of all subjects in Scripture.

Mary McCarty

Mary McCarty

Degree: B.S., Graphic Design, Texas State University

Years Teaching: 16 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2015

Church Affiliation: First Baptist Pflugerville, Pflugerville

I love teaching art to students of all ages.  It excites me to see them creating beyond their imagination!

Christian Mueller

Degree: B.A., History, Valparaiso University

Years Teaching: 4 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2012

Church Affiliation: Mission Church, Round Rock

My favorite teaching memory is from a final I gave in World Geography.  The students had to draw a map of the world, free-hand; properly placing and spelling the countries.  They thought I was nuts, but they all did really well.

Ashley Quema

Ashley Quema

Degree: B.A., Spanish, Harding University

Years Teaching: 5 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: Calvary Chapel, Austin

People may think I'm crazy, but I LOVE teaching middle schoolers.  They have so much energy and a joy for learning.  This is such a pivotal time in their lives and if I can make even a small difference, I feel accomplished!


Cheryl Pitt

Degree: B.S., Biology, Austin College
Degree: B.S., Physical Therapy, University of Texas Medical Branch

Years Teaching: 8 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2013

Church Affiliation: Fellowship Bible Church, Cedar Park

I absolutely love teaching science. The students and I explore the wonders of God’s creation every day. I’m very blessed to witness many “Aha” moments as the students realize how wonderful and perfect the work of the Creator truly is.

Nancy Redding

Nancy Redding

Degree: B.S.,Disciplinary Studies, University of North Texas

Years Teaching: 5 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2015

Church Affiliation: Hill Country Bible Church, Austin

I love attending Chapel and getting to worship with the students.

Mike Sheppard

Mike Sheppard

Degree: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of North Texas

Years Teaching: 1 year
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: First United Methodist, Round Rock

I am very excited to teach engineering so the students and I can explore the beautiful fundamental physical properties God has laid out for us and how we can use them to improve our world.

James Watson

Degree: A.S., Mathematics, Austin Community College
Degree: B.S., Mathematics, University of Texas

Years Teaching: 25 years
Year Joined RRCA: 1998

Church Affiliation: Hyde Park Baptist Church, Austin

One of my students once told me that “I teach like Jesus taught."