Tuition Assistance Overview

Applications for the 2024-25 school year are closed

Round Rock Christian Academy offers a limited amount of tuition assistance to its families based on need (not to exceed 50% of tuition). In order to evaluate and assess applicants, RRCA uses an online application process called FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition).

To be considered for Tuition Assistance, families must:

  1. Complete and turn in the appropriate registration material and fees for each school year.
  2. Remain current and timely with tuition payments and fees.
  3. Complete and return the Intent to Apply for Financial Aid Form to the Business Office.
  4. Complete the online FAST application by the published due date for each academic year (usually March). There is an application fee per family that is payable by credit card at the time the online application is complete. Families must reapply for financial assistance each year.
  5. Once payment has been submitted, applicants will receive an email with a list of documentation that has to be submitted to FAST. Envelopes to mail documentation are available in the Business Office. Submit the W-2’s and tax returns that are requested, by scanning or mail as soon as the FAST online application is completed. Applications cannot be processed until all required tax documents are received by FAST.
  6. Families without a timely and complete FAST application may be ineligible for Tuition Assistance for the academic year. Application deadlines will be enforced.

FAST and the Round Rock Christian Academy Tuition Assistance Committee use many factors in determining the amount of the family’s financial aid, including:

  • Current budgeted funds for tuition assistance
  • Longevity at RRCA
  • Commitment to Christian education
  • Parents’ income as established by their personal and business tax returns
  • Parents’ assets
  • Parents’ qualified expenses per the FAST formula and methodology
  • Number of children in the family enrolled

The application window is generally during January-March.   Specific deadlines are published on the website each year.   Applicants requesting Tuition Assistance will be notified during May of the outcome of their financial aid application and each family will be given a deadline to accept or decline the award.