Thank you for your interest in one of the strongest and most experienced educational institutions in the community. Since 1975, Round Rock Christian Academy has served and met the academic, spiritual, and emotional needs of children in Central Texas. The RRCA faculty and administration are committed to offering a college-preparatory program of excellence to our students. We feel it is our responsibility as Christian educators to be spiritually mature, professionally trained, and highly motivated to prepare our students for their God-ordained destiny. Therefore, we maintain high educational standards through the accrediting process of the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI) and AdvancED. This dual accreditation gives our students the opportunity to be prepared and accepted to any higher learning institution of their choice.

At the Academy, we strive to keep the Bible at the core of everything we do. We also desire that our students have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ for He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Life with Him is contentment and fulfillment; there is no life without Him. We want to train our students to have a heartfelt desire to serve others in the family, school, community, and on the home or foreign mission fields. We want our students to have a strong commitment to excellence in order to prepare them for their Kingdom work, whether it be in a secular or sacred ministry.

Finally, our goal is to develop Christian character in our students that helps them to be in the world, but not of the world. Our desire is to come alongside our parents and churches to reinforce the family values that develop men and women of integrity who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

The profile for the student that we accept at Round Rock Christian Academy includes:

  • Obedient and disciplined heart
  • Willing and determined spirit
  • Determination to do his/her best unto the Lord
  • Diligence to the task
  • Servant heart and hands
  • Willingness to use and develop God-given talents and gifts for His glory
  • Desire to be a RRCA student
  • Supportive and respectful family