Preschool Team

Lisa Kaminski

Lisa Kaminski - Preschool 3s

Gateway Technical College: Early Childhood Development

Years in Education: 3 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2006-09, 2018

Church Affiliation: Central Baptist Church, Round Rock

I enjoy watching the moment when a child understands what I’m teaching. Seeing their eyes light and their heart engage is a precious moment. My goal when I’m teaching is to experience that with each student.

Faith Weir

Faith Weir - Preschool

Degree: B.S., Psychology, University of Houston

Years in Education: 1 year
Year Joined RRCA: 2019

Church Affiliation: CrossPointe Church, Austin

I love teaching because it allows me to learn new things daily. I had several amazing teachers in my life who inspired me and challenged me to grow. I hope to inspire and teach my students to love Christ, and to love learning.


Iona Engelbrecht

Iona Engelbrecht - PreKindergarten

Degree: B.S., Education, Durban Teacher’s Training College

Years in Education: 27 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2007

Church Affiliation: Orthodox Presbyterian, Pflugerville

My favorite subject to teach is math because it emphasizes God’s amazing creation.

Alyshia Tam

Alyshia Tam - PreKindergarten

Degree: B.S., Psychology & Criminal Justice, Indiana Wesleyan University
Degree: M.A., Education, Liberty Unversity

Years in Education: 16 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2012

Church Affiliation: Central Baptist Church, Round Rock

Most of my teaching experience has been with preschoolers, so I enjoy getting to experience the world through their young eyes. They love new experiences and the wonder of it all shows on their little faces.