Parent Support Team (PST)

The Parent Support Team (PST) is looking forward to helping you find opportunities to get involved at RRCA this year.  

2018-2019 PST Officers

President: April Lieder

VP-Elementary:  Marivel Uribe   Marivel Uribe       

VP-Secondary:  Erika Aleman

Secretary:  Celinda Couch  Celinda Couch  

Treasurer:  Alexis Michael  Alexis Michael

Parliamentarian:  Trixy Crowley

Fundraising Liaison:  Cindy Taylor

Volunteer Liaison:  Stephanie Brinkman  Stephanie Brinkman 

Faculty Liaison:  Brandy Johnson

2018-2019 PST Event Chairs

New Family Breakfast (August 29):  Krystal Kriczky and Trixy Crowley

Grandparents Day Celebration (September 24):  Jen Benningfield Jen Benningfield 

Muffins with Mom (October 17):  Michelle Martinez and Tonya Bosher

CrusaderFest (Sept 28):    Michelle Tweden and April Lieder                      

Donuts with Dad (Feb 6): Kim Ragain and Sarah Drury                

Teacher Appreciation Week (March 11-15):  Dot-C Stevens and Celinda Couch

Teacher Treats:  Julieth Rousselin and Leyza Bandini-Felder Leyza Bandini-Felder

Teacher Luncheons:  Courtney Bootka and Christy Lange

Box Tops for Education:  Kristin Hamilton


Required Volunteer Forms

See Parent Forms

PST Officer Job Descriptions

President:  The President presides over all officer and PST meetings and assists in assigning chairs for all PST activities.  The President is in charge of creating the meeting agendas and running the meetings.  The President is also responsible for sending out the meeting minutes and activities in order to keep the families informed on the progress and upcoming volunteer opportunities at RRCA.  The President sends out the invitations to the PST sponsored events. 

Vice-President:  The Vice-President presides over officer and PST meetings when the President is not present.  The Vice-President is also in charge of all the homeroom mothers and homeroom  information.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer works with the RRCA Financial Manager to create the annual PST budget and presents the monthly financials to the PST members.  The Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining the budget and keeping the PST within the budget.

Secretary:  The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at each PST meeting.  The Secretary is also responsible for preparing the meeting minutes for the President to send out  to all RRCA families following each meeting. 

Mission Statement:

The PST seeks to serve God by helping to meet the need of RRCA staff and families.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,
faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms. 
1 Peter 4:10