Elementary Team

Colleen Beardmore

Kindergarten: Colleen Beardmore

Austin Community College: Child Development

Years in Education: 8 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2007-13, 2017

Church Affiliation: Central Baptist Church, Round Rock

I love seeing a student’s eyes light up when something they've been trying to learn finally clicks. I am always amazed at children's capacity for love, faith, and growth. It is such an honor to witness the work God is doing in my student’s lives.

Christine O'Donnell

Kindergarten: Christine O'Donnell

Degree: B.A., Elementary Ed., Liberty University

Years in Education: 14 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2005

Church Affiliation: The Fellowship, Round Rock

My favorite teaching moment was when I had the honor of teaching a child who was not saved and neither was his family. After several weeks of school and hearing about the Bible, this child wanted to hear more. I sat with him several different times and gave him the salvation message. I found out the following summer that the family had all been saved and were regularly attending church. This to me is proof that even planting a small mustard seed can grow great and prosperous fruit. All the glory goes to God, I am just blessed to have been a part of this journey.

Tori Tomlin

Kindergarten: Tori Tomlin

Degree: B.A., Early Childhood Education, Ashford University
Degree: A.A., Psychology, Panola Junior College

Years in Education: 4 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2015

Church Affiliation: Covenant Presbyterian, Round Rock

Teaching is one of the most rewarding things I have had the pleasure of doing. To be able to guide children as they explore and learn is a true privilege. Seeing their eyes light up when they understand something for the first time is why I have spent all my life working with children.

RayeAnne Owen

1st Grade: RayeAnne Owen

Degree: B.S., Elementary Education, Howard Payne University
Degree: Master in Educational Leadership, Concordia University

Years in Education: 31 years
Year Joined RRCA: 1994

Church Affiliation: Central Baptist Church, Round Rock

My favorite subject to teach is the Reading/Language Arts block. It is always amazing to me to watch students as they learn to read and write and to make such rapid progress in these skills. My goal is to instill a lifelong love of reading and writing in my students, and first grade is the perfect year to master and excel in those skills!

Kaye Wheelis

1st Grade: Kaye Wheelis

Degree: B.S., Elementary Ed., University of Arkansas

Years in Education: 27 years
Year Joined RRCA: 1999

Church Affiliation: First Baptist Church, Round Rock

I love teaching and it is my passion. I love being a part of God’s team at RRCA and serving parents and children.

Alison Havens2nd Grade: Alison Havens

Degree: B.S., Education, Baylor University

Years in Education: 14 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: First United Methodist Church, Round Rock

My favorite subject to teach is reading! Reading is easily integrated throughout the school day in all subjects. I love to see my students' faces when they find a book they enjoy and don't want to put it down. It is also exciting to share books with students about topics we are studying. Listening to students read with expression and grow in their vocabulary are highlights of my day. I love that at RRCA we can read from the Bible and connect with students in a very unique way. It is truly a blessing.

Shannon Heriford2nd Grade: Shannon Walker

Degree: B.S., Elementary Ed., Henderson State University

Years in Education: 16 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2011

Church Affiliation: Central Baptist Church, Round Rock

In my first year of teaching I had a student that had a tough time understanding division. He would give up on a division problem after one try. One day I was working with him and it just clicked. I will never forget his face when he realized, “I can do this!”

Tracie Lawler

3rd Grade: Tracie Lawler

Degree: B.A., Sociology, Centenary College of Shreveport

Years in Education: 31 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: Austin Stone North, Round Rock

I love to see my students strive to do their best and reach their goals! When they learn that they can do anything they set their mind to, there is no stopping them. I enjoy teaching them about the world God created and their place in it.

Paula Biggs

3rd & 4th Grade Math: Paula Biggs

Degree: B.A., College of Santa Fe
Degree: Masters, College of New Rochelle
Degree: Masters Admin., Concordia University

Years in Education: 32 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2000

Church Affiliation: Maranatha Community Church, Round Rock

My favorite subject to teach is math. I enjoy watching my students blossom with confidence in their abilities as they achieve understanding of new concepts. I enjoy guiding them to believe in themselves.

Stacye Beane

4th Grade: Stacye Beane

Degree: B.S., Education, Northeartern State University

Years in Education: 32 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2017

Church Affiliation: Great Hills Baptist Church, Austin

I enjoy teaching all subjects but seeing the growth of a child’s reading ability and watching them learn to love reading is so special. My desire is for every student to love to read, enjoy learning and researching information, and being excited to share what they have learned! I am so blessed that God called me to RRCA and that I can teach at this awesome school!

Leslie Brennan

4th Grade: Leslie Brennan

Degree: B.S., Elementary Education, Millikin University

Years in Education: 6 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2015

Church Affiliation: City View Bible Church, Round Rock

My favorite subject to teach is Bible. It is an awesome privilege to be able to share God's truth and love with my students. The real blessings come as I hear my students share these same truths with each other. I am so blessed God called me to teach at RRCA.

Sharee DeFriese

5th Grade: Sharee DeFriese

Degree: B.S. in Agricultural Development, Texas A&M

Years in Education: 14 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2018

Church Affiliation: Celebration, Georgetown

I enjoy learning from all different types of learners that I encounter year after year. No child is exactly the same and it is amazing to see how God created us all so uniquely. I love seeing that moment when a child understands fully a concept you have taught them and their face lights up with such joy and excitement!

Jamie Salik5th Grade: Jamie Salik

Degree: B.A., Communications, Sam Houston State University

Years in Education: 13 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2016

Church Affiliation: Life Church, Leander

I love being able to come to work every day and make a difference in someone's life. It is pure joy to be able to worship God and teach kids all in one place. I love RRCA!

Christy Wolff

5th Grade: Christy Wolff

Degree: B.S., Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Years in Education: 19 years
Year Joined RRCA: 2006

Church Affiliation: First Baptist Georgetown, Georgetown

Teaching has always been an important part of my life. It started at home with my brother and has continued through today. I enjoy the challenge of helping students to see the excitement in learning. I receive great joy from the smiling faces of my students and it is an honor to be a part of their education.