Science Fair


RRCA hosts a STEM Day each year to encourage students to explore the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Middle school students work in teams to complete a science project or experiment to showcase what they have learned.

2018 Austin Regional Science Fair

We had 5 students represent RRCA in the Junior and Senior Division Regional Science Fair on February 22nd. The Central Texas Region is the biggest in Texas, with over 30 school districts, private and home schools participating. Participants were: Tony Cermak, Alex Chaiken, Aiden Chang, Emily Millikan, and Savannah Johnson.

Junior High and Senior High Division Results:

  • Emily Millikan – 5th place, Behavioral Science, Junior Division
  • Aiden Chang – 3rd Place, Plant Science, Junior Division, advancing to State Science Fair
  • Alex Chaiken – 3rd Place, Microbiology, Senior Division, advancing to State Science Fair
  • Six students represented RRCA at the Regional Science Fair Elementary Division on February 24th.

Elementary Division Results:

  • Jayden Eckert – 2nd Place
  • Pia Hayes – 2nd Place
  • Ranjit Jillapalli – 2nd Place
  • Rachel Millikan – 1st Place
  • Hudson O’Neal – 1st Place
  • Lauren Woodard – 1st Place

Rachel Millikan was also presented with a Dell Medical School Future Health Leader Award.  Congratulations to all these students!! Job well done!

RRCA Science Fair , January 29, 2018

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the RRCA Science Fair. Those students with asterisks* by their names will advance to the Austin Regional Science Fair!

Lower Elementary (1st-2nd Grades):

  • Ethan Griffin (1st grade) – 1st place

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th Grades):

  • *Ranjit Jillapalli (4th grade) – 1st place
  • *Gabrielle Sumlin (3rd grade) – 2nd place
  • *Lauren Woodard (3rd grade) – 3rd place
  • Samuel Bottcher (3rd grade) – Honorable Mention
  • Graham Lange (3rd grade) – Honorable Mention (not pictured)
  • Brooke Taylor (3rd grade) – Honorable Mention

6th Grade:

  • *Rachel Millikan – 1st place
  • *Mary-Kate Havens – 2nd place
  • *Hudson O’Neal – 3rd place
  • *Finley Cuda – Honorable Mention
  • *Jayden Eckert – Honorable Mention
  • *Pia Hayes – Honorable Mention
  • *Tabor Tyson – Honorable Mention

7th Grade:

  • *Emily Millikan – 1st place
  • *Aiden Chang – 2nd place
  • *Tony Cermak – 3rd place
  • *Savannah Johnson – Honorable Mention
  • *Ryann Holley – Honorable Mention
  • *Christian Reed – Honorable Mention

High School:

  • *Alex Chaiken (10th grade) – 1st place

Congratulations, Crusaders!

2017 Austin Regional Science Fair

Meghan Brenenstuhl, Douglas Chaiken, Patrice Hayes, Trevor Jaksch, Rebecca Rasmussen, Alyssa Sheil, Milo Tran and Matthew Tweden competed in the Junior Division of the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival on Thursday, February16.  There were more than 25 school districts with over 700 projects in competition.  We’re very proud of the hard work these students put into their projects and the level of excellence they achieved.

On Saturday, February 18, the following students competed in the Elementary Division of the Austin Energy Regional Science Festival and received the following ribbons:

  • Avery Bays – 1st Place
  • Keegan Buzzell – 2nd Place
  • Tony Cermak – 1st Place
  • Luke Hamilton – 1st Place
  • Ranjit Jillapalli – 1st Place
  • Logan Keely – 1st Place
  • Emily Millikan – 1st Place
  • Rachel Millikan – 1st Place
  • Jayla Sumllin – 1st Place

Also, Tony Cermak received the Best Use of Electricity Award for the Elementary Division and Emily Millikan received a Positive Futures Award from Earth Day ATX and has been invited to display her project at Earth Day ATX 2017.

Congratulations to all these students on a job well done!

2017 RRCA Science Fair Results

Lower Elementary (1st – 2nd)

Name Grade Place
Brooke Taylor 2 1-tie
Samuel Bottcher 2 1-tie
Gabrielle Sumlin 2 2
Ayoola Oredola 2 3
Avila Brink 1 Honorable Mention
Madison Renfrow 2 Honorable Mention
Priscila Rousselin 1 Honorable Mention

Upper Elementary (3rd – 5th)

Jayla Sumlin* 5 1
Ranjit Jillapalli* 3 2-tie
Rachel Millikan* 5 2-tie
Luke Hamilton* 4 3
Keegan Buzzell* 3 Honorable Mention
Logan Keely* 3 Honorable Mention

6th Grade

Tony Cermak* 6 1
Emily Millikan* 6 2
Trinity Murton* 6 3
Aiden Chang* 6 Honorable Mention
Kelli Northup* 6 Honorable Mention
Avery Bays* 6 Honorable Mention

7th Grade

Douglas Chaiken* 7 1
Trevor Jaksch* 7 2
Milo Tran* 7 3
Patrice Hayes* 7 Honorable Mention
Kyla Wagner* 7 Honorable Mention

8th Grade

Matthew Tweden* 8 1
Rebecca Rasmussen* 8 2
Alyssa Sheil* 8 3
Meghan Brenenstuhl* 8 Honorable Mention

An asterisk by the name means they will advance to Regional Science Fair!

2016 Texas Science and Engineering Fair

Matthew Tweden will be competing in the Texas Science and Engineering Fair on April 2, 2016 in San Antonio.  We are very proud of Matthew and his hard work and wish him the best at the science fair.

2016 Austin Regional Science Fair

RRCA had twelve 7th and 8th grade students compete in the Regional Science Fair February 18th.  The Science Fair had participants from over 25 school districts, private schools, charter schools and home schools.  The participants were:  Aidan Arnett, Grant Brown, Allie Cermak, Rohan Gnaniah, Gabe Graf, Tanner Jaksch, Joshua Millikan, Lydia Pergande, Alyssa Shiel, Matthew Tweden, Robby Wampler and Aron Zapatero.  Allie Cermak placed 4th in Behavioral Sciences and Matthew Tweden placed 3rd in Environmental Sciences and will advance to the State Science Fair in San Antonio.

We also had eleven 3rd-6th grade students compete in the Elementary Division of the Regional Science Fair on Feb. 20.

The results are:

  • Sarah Benitz–1st Place
  • Lizzy Bone–1st Place
  • Douglas Chaiken–1st Place
  • Max Chhabra–2nd Place
  • Xavier Daniels–1st Place
  • Keeley Jones–1st Place
  • Emily Millikan–1st Place
  • Kai Orred–1st Place
  • Milo Tran–1st Place
  • Lauren Stout–3rd Place
  • Jayla Sumlin–1st Place
  • Tristan Hood – 1st Place

Congratulations to all of these students on their hard work!!

2016 RRCA Science Fair Results

An asterisk by the name means they will advance to Regional Science Fair!

Lower Elementary (1-2nd)
Name Grade Place
Keegan Buzzell 2 1st
Ranjit Jillapalli 2 2nd
Gabrielle Sumlin 1 3rd
Mya Kircher 2 Honorable Mention
Coleman DeRusseau 2 Honorable Mention
Tori Bone 1 Honorable Mention
Zachary Velasquez 2 Honorable Mention
Upper Elementary (3rd-5th)
Jayla Sumlin* 4 1st 
Tristan Hood* 3 2nd
Xavier Daniels* 4 3rd
Lizzy Bone* 4 Honorable Mention
Emily Millikan* 5 Honorable Mention
6th Grade
Keeley Jones* 6 1st
Kai Orred* 6 2nd
Sarah Benitz* 6 3rd
Douglas Chaiken* 6 3rd
Max Chhabra* 6 Honorable Mention
Lauren Stout* 6 Honorable Mention
Milo Tran* 6 Honorable Mention
7th Grade
Aidan Arnett* 7th 1st
Aron Zapatero* 7th 2nd
Matthew Tweden* 7th 3rd
Grant Brown* 7th Honorable Mention
Rohan Gnaniah* 7th Honorable Mention
Alyssa Shiel* 7th Honorable Mention
Robby Wampler* 7th Honorable Mention
8th Grade
Allie Cermak* 8th 1st
Lydia Pergande* 8th 1st
Joshua Millikan* 8th 2nd
Gabe Graf* 8th 3rd
Tanner Jaksch* 8th Honorable Mention

2015 Austin Regional Science Fair, Secondary

Alex Chaiken, Gabe Graf, Jarrett Grier, Addison LeCates, Joshua Millikan and Lydia Pergande participated in the Regional Science Fair on Thursday, February 19.  Joshua Millikan won 3rd place in the Behavioral Science category and will be advancing to State Science Fair in March.  Congrats to all these students for their hard work.

Way to go Crusaders!

2015 Austin Regional Science Fair,  Elementary

RRCA students competed in the Elementary Regional Science Fair on Saturday, February 21. Here are the results:

  • Aidan Arnett-1st Place
  • Elizabeth Bone-2nd Place
  • Grant Brown-1st Place
  • Douglas Chaiken-1st Place
  • April Holder-2nd Place
  • Oliver Lehr-1st Place
  • Alyssa Sheil-1st Place
  • Jayla Sumlin-2nd Place
  • Robby Wampler-1st Place

Congratulations to all who participated and represented Round Rock Christian Academy well!!

2015 RRCA Science Fair Results

The Science Fair was held on January 23, 2015.  The competition was optional for elementary students and required for 6th and 7th grade students. Congratulations to all of our students, they performed tremendously.

Students with an asterisk by their name will be advancing to Regional Science Fair.

Lower Elementary (1-2nd)

Tristan Hood 1st
Colton Benitz 2nd
Ranjit Jillapalli 3rd
Ramona Chalman 3rd

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th)

Lizzy Bone* 1st
Jayla Sumlin* 2nd
Douglas Chaiken* 3rd
April Holder* Honorable Mention

6th Grade

Matthew Tweden* 1st
Aidan Arnett* 2nd
Alyssa Sheil* 3rd
Grant Brown* Honorable Mention
Oliver Lehr* Honorable Mention
Robby Wampler* Honorable Mention

7th Grade

Lydia Pergande* 1st
Jarrett Grier* 2nd
Alex Chaiken* 3rd
Allie Cermak* Honorable Mention
Gabe Graf* Honorable Mention
Addison LeCates* Honorable Mention
Joshua Millikan* Honorable Mention